• Amaterasu


    A dragonborn male with charred, blackened scales and murky, watery, blue eyes.
  • Ellanoir Roswin

    Ellanoir Roswin

    A sentimental and concerned gnome girl, carrying research notes and a spellbook.
  • Garrmon Leiferman Addison Berengar Randulf Theobald Halstein Sigurd Hammermane XVIII

    Garrmon Leiferman Addison Berengar Randulf Theobald Halstein Sigurd Hammermane XVIII

    A young, well-groomed dwarven man in furs, wielding a blade that is much too large for him.
  • Holsiln


    A dragonborn male with tarnished silver scales, bearing the regalia of a Veilfolk officer.
  • Muginn of the Warborn

    Muginn of the Warborn

    A burly, hulking half-orc with many scars, a gemstone about his neck, and a story to tell.
  • Norsa


    An enormous firbolg woman, clad in nature's finest, with kindness in her eyes.
  • Tethras Silverdale

    Tethras Silverdale

    A scantily-clad elven man, wearing a black cloak, damaged by frost, though still bearing a white rose.
  • Yera (Tenebrous)

    Yera (Tenebrous)

    A mysterious, veiled woman with many secrets and deep scars.
  • Alyas Fogg

    Alyas Fogg

    A fresh-faced boy in comparison to his compatriots, bearing a new outlook of hope that has replaced his sorrow.
  • Captain Angus Jack

    Captain Angus Jack

    A clean, nicely dressed human man with a great deal of charisma and a knack for sailing.
  • Clover Hollyglow

    Clover Hollyglow

    A shy elven girl with braided, silver hair and a sentient plant companion named Chewie.
  • Elder Caraway

    Elder Caraway

    A hunched, elderly human man, clad in brown and green robes, his eyes wandering wistfully.
  • Lark Darkflight

    Lark Darkflight

    A man hidden in the shadows behind Queen Dahlia, wearing a wooden mask and green leathers.
  • Mags Jack

    Mags Jack

    A spritely and skilled human girl, talented at nautical travel and the bane of her father's existence.
  • Marigold Oakstep

    Marigold Oakstep

    A haughty, slender female elf, clad in leaves and other flora, her amber hair falling to her lower back.
  • Master Virtue

    Master Virtue

    An ethereal woman dressed in white robes, with sparkling, kind golden eyes and a soft voice that carries great authority.
  • Merlin the Evoker

    Merlin the Evoker

    A tall, elderly human male in a white robe, knowing and condescending.
  • Ptolemy the Conjurer

    Ptolemy the Conjurer

    A short halfling mage in a white robe, nervous and twitchy.
  • Queen Dahlia

    Queen Dahlia

    A regal elven woman with golden hair, green eyes, and a kind voice that seems weary with concern.
  • Rosemary


    An unassuming platinum-haired female elf with pale skin and striking violet eyes.