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Over two thousand years have passed since the last dragon roamed the land of Conterrum. Soon after, the realm was rocked with cataclysm, splitting the singular landmass into several divided, destroyed continents. Killing millions, the Shattering left only one remaining inhabitable landmass, a continent of several biomes and cultures, soon named Prismia. Though many pilgrims attempted to leave Prismia, they were met with horrible storms, extreme volcanic activity, and subzero temperatures. The elements beyond Prismia’s native waters followed no rules or logical patterns; they were crazed and unpredictable, taking the lives of thousands. Prismia, however, enjoyed relatively stable natural conditions, extremely varied as they may have been.

In the present day, the pleasantries of Prismia are in grave danger. Reykjavaria, the land’s mountainous region of snow and ice, has been experiencing horrifically cold temperatures, avalanches, and blizzards. Moonforest, a land of mile-thick trees and sentient flora, has been struck with a deadly blight. Embermire, a tropical region, bearing volcanos and lava flows, has seen ever-increasing volcanic activity from the monstrous Mount Fury. Dumyar, the continent’s arcane-touched desert, has experienced powerful magical storms that have left the populace cowering and unable to forage. Basintide, the underwater city of Prismia’s gulf, is stalked by a mysterious monster and a cloud of poison. Finally, Fayveil, the holy city of Prismia, faces political cataclysm in the form of an usurper king and rising whispers of rebellion.

It is in this age of danger and worry that we meet our heroes— a ragtag group of liars, outcasts, orphans, nobles, slaves, and those who wish to simply prove themselves, these heroes face cataclysm akin to the Shattering. Will they be capable of stopping the perils plaguing their homes, ushering in the new Age of Protectors?

The Nine Protectors of Prismia

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